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Harbor seals belong to the scientific order Pinnipedia, which includes seals, sea lions, and walruses. Seals differ from sea lions in several ways, including having shorter, stouter flippers, and no visible ear flaps.

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There are two unique participation opportunities offered by the fair in 2006. The Fair Mascot, the San Francisco Seal, has been designed by internationally-acclaimed sculptor Ruth Asawa, one of San Francisco’s best loved and most talented personalities. You will know her Mermaid Fountain at Ghirardelli Square, her San Francisco Hallmark Fountain on the steps of the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Union Square and her Japanese Internment Memorial in San Jose in front of the Federal Building, or you may know her simply from a multitude of museums and shows. She will be featured at the tower entrance to the new DeYoung Museum when it opens.

The Seal is available as a wooden plaque [approximately 4 feet] or as a molded fiberglass statue. Arrangements are as follows:


A life-size sculpture of ‘Snooky the Seal’ designed by Ruth Asawa has been created in fiberglass. For a donation, this beautiful piece of artwork is ready to be painted and decorated and displayed at your business or placed in a public viewing area until the Fair. At the Fair, the Seal will be featured in the Seal Parade. Sponsors will be identified in Fair advertising, a map of sites where Seals are displayed and the name of Seal sponsors will be published and distributed prior to the Fair. Please order your Seal as early as possible. Fair will contact you to arrange delivery.

Contact the FAIR OFFICE for more information.

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This program includes the fiberglass Seal sculpture AND features an additional four-foot Seal silhouette cut out of plywood. The cutout Seal is delivered to a school of your choice so students can decorate it. The school gets $100 of the donation plus $25 for art supplies. The decorated Seal is an entry in the San Francisco County Fair Competitive Exhibits Program earning each student a free ticket to the Fair, two carnival ride tickets and recognition!

For an additional amount, the Fair will have a San Francisco area artist decorate the fiberglass Seal sculpture for you. You can participate in decoration to whatever extent you choose.

Contact the FAIR OFFICE for more information.

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Corporate Promotion.
  The San Francisco County Fair Supported By San Francisco Business.
  Marketing Opportunities ...
  Sponsor Tents, Stages, Aquaculture Exhibit, Signage, Banners, Posters,
Printed Materials, Media.

Contact the FAIR OFFICE for more information.

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