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Fishy Facts
Squid can swim 20 miles per hour and can fly through the air for up to 200 feet!

Everyone Can Be a Winner at The Fair!
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Contests at the Fair

Open To All — Win A Ribbon!

Cartoon life in or on the Bay
A free ride coupon!
Compose a sea chantey
Make a model boat — Join the "Armada" [see below]
Submit your favorite "Fish Story" photo
Submit your favorite San Francisco History photo
  Details coming soon!

Here's How to Enter
1. Look through the Competitions Catalog and pick out a project.
2. Fill out the Entry Form.
3. Complete your project.
4. Be sure your project is delivered to the fair on time.
5. After the fair, pick up your project.
6. Display your Ribbon where everyone can see it!

Complete instructions on how to enter, the Fair Catalog and Entry Forms will be available soon on this website. They will also be available soon through your school, from the Fair Office, and in some newspapers.

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School Programs

Be part of the San Francisco County Fair excitement by entering fair competitions! Have fun learning about San Francisco Bay — its history, its marine life and its commerce. Here's what you'll get:
Free entry ticket to the fair
A free ride coupon!
Participation ribbon — and maybe an Award!

Enter and get free entry to the Fair and a ride coupon!
Pups Program — Kindergarten through Third Grade
Color the picture of the San Francisco County Fair logo – the seal balancing the HFTS logo on its nose.
Draw a picture of a fish in water or a sea bird.

Seals Program — Fourth and Fifth Grade
Draw a picture of a boat on San Francisco Bay and name the boat.
Draw a picture of a seal, a crab, a squid or any fish living in the Bay.

Sea Lions Program — Sixth through Eighth Grades
Draw or paint a picture of a seal, a fisherman, a boat or fish in or on the Bay.
Make a seal, crab, squid or any fish out of clay, paper mache, or any other appropriate material [about the size of your hand].

Sharks — High School
Sketch or paint a picture [serious, funny or cartoon] of a seal, crab, squid or any fish living in the Bay.
Write the recipe for a fish dish cooked by someone you know and briefly explain who the person is who cooks it, where they are from, how they came to cook this dish and any other fact about the dish, the cook or the recipe.
Write and briefly explain 5 reasons why San Francisco Bay should be kept clean of toxics and garbage.
Make a boat, sea bird, seal, crab, squid or any fish out of clay, paper mache, or any other appropriate material [about the size of your hand].
Create a cartoon from single frame to 6 frames— humorous, pithy, or whatever, but relative to life in or on San Francisco Bay.

Whales — Classroom Project
Seals are available to San Francisco schools to provide students an opportunity to enjoy learning about the mammals that are a wonderful local treasure. On request, a wooden seal silhouette about 4 feet tall will be delivered to the school with a $100 check (for supplies and participation). The number of wooden seal silhouettes is limited.

The seal will be painted with any design decided upon by the students. The classroom must then write a short story, fact or fiction, of at least one page in length, about their seal or seals in general [see "Fishy Facts"].

The decorated seal and the stories written by the students will be delivered to the Fair Office at the Cannery at 2801 Leavenworth Street, San Francisco, CA 94133. All students participating in decorating the seal will receive a participation ribbon. The painted seals will be part of the Parade of Seals at the Fair. Grand prizes will be awarded to 3 seals chosen by Fair officials.

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Competitions Open To Everyone!

Join San Francisco Bay Model Boat Armada
Lateen-rigged sailboat -- the boats SF's early Genoese fishermen sailed
Monterey hulled boat -- SF's 2nd generation fishing boats, still used today
Crab boat -- used to catch the dungeness crabs loved by San Franciscans
Historic square-rigged boat -- like the Balclutha
Historic schooner -- like the C.A. Thayer
Historic ferry boat -- like the Eureka
Chinese shrimp junk -- narrow sailing craft used by SF's Chinese shrimpers
Outrigger canoe -- paddled by Polynesians & Hawaiians
Kayaks -- paddled by the Eskimos to hunt whales, seals and fish
Today's fishing boat -- for both commercial and sport fishing
Today's sailboat -- white-sailed boats dot The Bay on summer days
Dinghy -- rowboat that carries sailors from their ship to shore
  Read up on the history of these boats, find pictures
  Build your boat
  Show your boat or float it on our "Virtual Bay" in the Mariner History Tent!

Contests at the Fair ... like
Oyster Shuckin'
Seaweed Rollin'
Foghorn Chanties and Ballads

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San Francisco County Fair Office
2nd Floor - The Cannery
2801 Leavenworth
San Francisco, CA 94133

Tel: 415.292.7722
Fax: 415.292.7707

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