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Fishy Facts
Squid belong to the marine family called "cephalopod." This means "feet around the head!"

San Francisco Presents Harvest From the Sea
The County Fair that Features Life In and On the Water
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San Francisco has no farms left — although the Union Street area above the Marina area is still called "Cow Hollow". Traditionally, a County Fair celebrates a County's agriculture, the produce and animals that support life and economic success. San Francisco - only 7 miles wide and 7 miles long - has parks and gardens but no fields. Animals raised by San Franciscans are pets - cats, dogs, canaries and goldfish. Most San Franciscans work in buildings or vehicles and buy their fruits and vegetables at a neighborhood store.

But San Francisco has the Bay! Art, Immigration & Industry have all come to the City through the Golden Gate. San Francisco may have no fields of corn or cows and chicks, but the City does have Fisherman's Wharf and fresh cracked crab and walk-away shrimp cocktails and a skilled fishing fleet that delivers fresh fish to City markets and restaurants every day. And the seals and sea lions that duck under the waves in the Bay and lounge on Seals Rock and along the piers call San Francisco's Embarcadero "home".

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The Bay is teeming with romance, danger and intrigue ... Who's the biggest fish out there? The noisiest? the scary-est? The most ferocious? Could, would or should you eat it? Why? Why not? How do you catch it? What's the best way to cook it? The Bay brought personalities, industry, food and jobs to the City. And the Bay sustains life in San Francisco. San Francisco's County Fair 2006, Harvest From the Sea, celebrates Life In and On San Francisco Bay with a great traditional county fair — Rides, Games, Contests, Jugglers, Stilt-walkers, Exhibits, Entertainment, Magic! Join the Celebration!

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Spring 2006
On San Francisco Bay!
Carnival — Rides, Games & Fair Food.
Music, Magic, Contests, Prizes, Competitive Exhibits, Continuous Entertainment.

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General Admission $7.
Kids under 5 Free.
Ages 6 – 12 and Seniors (55+) $3.
Military in uniform - Free.
Free admission & a ride coupon for students entering Competitive Exhibits Program.
Free admission for anyone participating in Competitive Exhibits Program.
Special discounts available for large groups.
Fund raising opportunities for schools and special discounts — Contact the Fair Office for details.

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Harvest From the Sea - San Francisco County Fair


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