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A complete voice service that delivers scalable high quality voice solutions over the telephone without complex integration efforts, in which all technical and operational requirements are completely managed, supported and maintained by VocalPoint.

VocalPoint's VoiceASP™ solution allows companies to quickly offer the convenience of "anywhere access" to critical Internet and Intranet applications. Little or no effort is required to implement a quality voice solution. Compared with a live call center, an interactive voice response (IVR) system, or other voice solution offerings, VoiceASP™ is extremely cost-effective and easy to administer, while providing the utmost in convenience to the caller. VocalPoint's network operations center provides for robust network operations, enterprise-class reliability, high-bandwidth and redundant communications.

This Unique Technology Is:

VocalPoint's solution leverages existing HTML and XML content, automatically creates a structure easily navigable by speech and manages the interaction with the end-user.
Live in hours
With VoiceASP™, extending existing web and branding investments to the telephone is efficient and seamless – neither content rewriting nor time-consuming integration efforts are required. New voice services for your customers, partners or employees can be implemented in hours, without diverting scarce engineering resources to the task. You can maintain a Web-centered development focus, eliminating the need for complex translation, synchronization and maintenance.
Easy to use
The system's intuitive interface provides a friendly interface that responds to naturally spoken commands. It frees users from the PC, tiny displays and from visual limitations altogether.
Universally Accessible on any phone
The VoiceASP™ service quickly extends web services to millions of non-PC users – with no education or training necessary. Based on speech, the service is compatible with any wireless or wireline phone.


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