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Telecom Italia's Challenge and the VocalPoint Solution

Telecom Italia Logo As one of the largest mobile telephone services operator in Europe, Telecom Italia's goal was to capitalize on the explosive growth and revenue potential of voice browsing the Internet. With a large customer base of 26.5 million wireline, 39 million wireless subscribers and a well functioning legacy system, Telecom Italia wanted to deliver a service that would allow its users to access any of their favorite Internet sites using spoken commands from any phone that included popular Web sites like Virgilio and InfoTraffic. In addition, Telecom Italia found VoiceBrowser™ to be a cost-effective solution with technology that could be implemented quickly, integrate with existing platforms, IVR applications, and internal speech engines.

Telecom Italia selected VocalPoint Technologies' VoiceBrowser™ due to its ability to rapidly voice-enable any Web site allowing creation of a "multi-access" portal service. VocalPoint's unique patent-pending technology interprets HTML or XML content into a structure easily navigable by simple spoken commands and manages the dialogue with the end user.




@bovehealth's Challenge and the VocalPoint Solution

AboveHealth Logo@bovehealth, an application service provider of Web-enabled solutions for the healthcare industry, needed to find a flexible and cost effective alternative to interactive voice response (IVR) systems. @bovehealth also needed a turnkey service that would quickly and easily integrate within their current system. @bovehealth chose VocalPoint's VoiceASP™. VocalPoint's voice browsing technology provides users with a natural and intuitive way to navigate any of @bovehealth's Web site through voice commands. @bovehealth is now able to offer its end users universal access to its healthcare and administration services via any phone. @bovehealth integrated VocalPoint's VoiceASP™ into its suite of products and services targeting the healthcare industry.





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