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VocalPoint Technologies, the leader in voice Web browsing, provides businesses with the software and infrastructure to deliver instant voice access to Internet content.



Instant Voice Services...

Using VocalPoint's patent-pending technology, your company's customers, employees and end-users will be able to access live HTML or XML content anytime, anywhere, with any phone, simply by using their voice. Your company's existing Intranet or Internet applications can be seamlessly extended to voice – without adopting new platforms or technologies.

What Makes VocalPoint Different?

VocalPoint's technology gives your customers fast, easy voice access to any content that you choose, and allows you to leverage industry-standard HTML to quickly and cost-effectively deploy new voice applications. VocalPoint's robust system architecture has been designed from the ground up to facilitate the development of new applications with a minimum of time or expense, and to scale as your company's needs require.

Unlike expensive, inflexible, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems or Voice XML-based systems, VocalPoint's patent-pending HTML Voice Web browsing technology requires no content rewriting, system integration efforts or other additional work on the part of the content provider.

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