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"Thank you very much for your wonderful handmade Tactile Aids. We received two boxes, and all the materials are in good condition. In our school, primary to tenth grades have to teach English as a second language, so that your materials are very helpful in teaching. The General Secretary of Mayanmar Christian Fellowship of the Blind and our school principal went to Thailand for a seminar where they learned of your organization."
Zeena Dun, Principal, Yangon Education Centre for the Blind, Myanmar (Burma)

"This is a wonderful service you provide. It is very difficult to obtain all of the materials needed in a classroom, especially for special needs children due to low budgets and high-priced materials."
Cynthia Bond, Olive Hill, Kentucky

"I worked with your materials at the Kentucky School for the Blind, and they are marvelous! I am now in a rural area in Indiana where there is such a need for materials, and funding is low. You guys are the GREATEST. Keep up the good work for our kids."
Brenda Slusher, Charlestown, Indiana

"Thank you so much for the wonderful materials. You are providing a wonderful service for students and teachers."
Mary Jo Thompson, McKinney, Texas

"We received the parcel that you sent us with no problem at all. Thank you to all of you for your wonderful and thoughtful presentation of complicated subjects. This summer we are having our first summer camp program for blind and vision impaired children that is going to stress teaching and learning of English. These books should be a great help to our teachers. Please express to those involved how delighted we are with the books."
Rena Dvokin Cohen, Director of Development Center for the Advancement of the Blind, Safed, Israel

"Wow! I just had the most wonderful opportunity! I have a co-worker who just moved to Maine. He brought the hugest box of resources that your Senior Community makes for blind children to our statewide meeting. What a wealth of resources! He showed us MANY well designed and made “concept” booklets, games, and shape boards. What a wonderful resource that is for blind children. I would LOVE to get my hands on such a resource! I’m wondering if you’d be willing to sell-out to a Mainer? I work with blind children (and adults). I have many totally blind children from months old through senior high school. I know I could make use of your wonderful resources. Please let me know how I might obtain such a box. Thank you!"
Kathy Clarrage COMS, State of Maine, Division for the Blind, Portland, Maine

"My students and I are very appreciative of the Tactile Aids you sent, and we have had a lot of "fun" learning with them. You are doing very meaningful work, and we have truly put the materials to very good use."
Nikki Nylander, Cornville, Arizona

"Thanks so much to all of you at the Workshop. The books you have made really help my student understand the different concepts."
Yvette Wilhelmsen, Rohnert Park, California

"What a remarkable Workshop. You should be so proud of the work and outstanding service you are doing. Thank you so very much."
Pamela Neill & Chuck Coburn, Itinerant Teachers,Uniontown, Pennsylvania

"I have found your Tactile Aids to be very helpful. Thank you for your unselfish services."
Lisa Burke, Brentwood, California

"I received two boxes of materials in good condition. They are well made, and I can tell that effort and care were used in making them."
Alicia Rosselot, Cincinnati, Ohio

"We recently received numerous tactile books that you so wonderfully created. The reception of these books by the children was overwhelming. They are an amazing addition for our visually impaired children. Your generosity, caring, and devotion have been a blessing."
Mrs. Toby Langlois & Class, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

"As a Teacher of the Visually Impaired, I have had the privilege of using your very useful materials for many years. I have used them for assessment as well as for teaching, and the children always enjoyed them. Thank you for providing such good quality and fun materials for my students."
Janis Morrison, Education Consultant, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"We were thrilled to receive the tactile aids that you sent for our classroom. These materials are very beneficial to our learning needs. Our class ranges in age from six to nine years old. Our students have different ability levels -- one has a visual impairment, two have Down's Syndrome, one has multiple disabilities, and two have developmental disabilities. We are able to use your aids in a large group, small group, or individually. We appreciate your taking the time to do wonderful things for our children and children everywhere."
Ms. Powe, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

"I am an itinerant teacher and have a caseload of 20 students in the public schools. Your books and materials are a terrific help in teaching concepts such as size relations, directionality, pre-reading concepts and even daily living skills. I used your materials over 20 years ago when I was a teacher in San Mateo. Your group is fantastic. It's amazing you have endured for all these many years."
Cheryl Leidich, Denver, Colorado

"Thank you for the shipment of materials, puzzles and books. They are beautiful, durable and so appropriate for the population with which I work. I'm thrilled to be able to assist children in building cognitive and pre-literacy skills using the tools donated by your organization."
Michelle Pothier, East Providence, Rhode Island

"I feel so fortunate to have your well-drafted items in my inventory of learning aids. What you create makes me more effective as a teacher of the visually impaired." Ginger Joselyn-Riley, Aromas, California

"I have been working at the Blind Children's Learning Center for twelve years, and it continues to be exciting to receive your materials. We use them in our classroom on a daily basis to help our students achieve their goals. We are a preschool which has "reverse mainstreaming" – classrooms have sighted as well as blind and visually impaired children who use your materials to learn different concepts."
Elayne Cohen-Strong, Director, Santa Ana, California

"I have received the shipment of books and puzzles and they are absolutely WONDERFUL! They are helping all of my students with the day-to-day concepts they are learning. My second grade student calls them her "Feeling Books". Thank you so much for helping me to enrich my students' learning."
Stephanie Edmond, Flemingsburg, Kentucky




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