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I have been working at the Blind Children's Learning Center for twelve years, and it continues to be exciting to receive your materials. We use them in our classroom on a daily basis to help our students achieve their goals. We are a preschool which has "reverse mainstreaming" – classrooms have sighted as well as blind and visually impaired children who use your materials to learn different concepts.

Elayne Cohen-Strong, Director,
Santa Ana, California


Math Study Aid ClockMATH STUDY AIDS

Books have tactile illustrations, are printed and Brailled. Cards and Aids indicated by an asterisk* are Thermoform plastic and wood.

Click on links below to see pictures of the math study aids.


8.1.0 Simple Geometric Shapes: Square, Rectangle, Circle, etc.


8.1.3 Sequences: First, Second, Last, etc.


*8.1.4 One Form: Four recesses and four removable basic shapes.


8.1.6 Math Symbols: Plus, Minus, Divide, Greater than, etc.


8.1.8 Fractions & Percents: Printed and NEMETH Braille.


*8.1.9 Counting Cards: 0-10, 3x5, printed and NEMETH Braille.


*8.1.11 Four Forms: Each fitted with four basic shapes in graduated


*8.7 Braille Clock: Ten inch diameter with manually movable hands.


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