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We were thrilled to receive the tactile aids that you sent for our classroom. These materials are very beneficial to our learning needs. Our class ranges in age from six to nine years old. Our students have different ability levels -- one has a visual impairment, two have Down's Syndrome, one has multiple disabilities, and two have developmental disabilities. We are able to use your aids in a large group, small group, or individually. We appreciate your taking the time to do wonderful things for our children and children everywhere.

Ms. Powe,
Hattiesburg, Mississippi


Child using Tactile  Study AidREADINESS BOOKS

Each page has a tactile illustration, is printed and Brailled.

Click on links below to see pictures of the books.


5.1.4 - Familiar Articles: Paper and Wraps.


5.2.2 - Matching - Geometric Shapes: A pocket inside the front cover contains six simple geometric shapes. Three Thermoform plastic pages have three recesses into which the shapes fit.


5.3 - Simple Comparisons:
5.3.0 – 5.3.9: Same or Different?, Big or Little?, Which is Biggest?, Larger and Smaller, Which is Longest?, Rough or Smooth?, Which is Different?, Which is Taller?, Wide or Narrow.


5.4 - Complex Concepts:
5.4.0 – 5.4.10: Above and Below, Among or Between?, Curved or Straight?, More or Less?, Off or On?, Open or Closed?, Inside or Outside?, Over and Under, Review of Concepts, Up or Down?


5.5 - Special Books:
5.5.1 Margins: Left, Right, Top, Bottom, All Four, None
5.5.3 Relative Positions: Top, Bottom, Upper Right, etc.
5.5.5 Lines of Direction: Vertical, Horizontal, Parallel, etc.


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