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VocalPoint Technologies Featured as "Maverick of the Morning" on CNNfn Market Call

March 07, 2001

Kurt Losert

VocalPoint Technologies
CEO of VocalPoint Technologies, Kurt Losert chats with CNNfn on how the company provides businesses the software and services that extend existing Web content into quality voice services.

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RHONDA SCHAFFLER, CNNfn ANCHOR, MARKET CALL: Today in our Maverick of the Morning segment, we turn out attention to voice-enabled Internet content. One company says its technology is the fastest and easiest to use. And "PC Magazine" might agree. The magazine named VocalPoint Technologies as one of its top Internet business sites in this month's addition.

Joining us now to talk about VocalPoint is its CEO, Kurt Losert. Thanks for joining us and congratulations on that honor.


SCHAFFLER: Why don't you explain how your technology works--to start us off.

LOSERT: What our technology does is it revolutionizes the way business provide access to critical information for their customers, employees and partners. What we do is take existing Internet applications and automatically create a voice experience for them. Given that, companies can, in a matter of days or weeks, create voice services that allow anyone to access that critical business information, anytime, anywhere, using any phone.

What our technology does is it automatically creates this experience, and it eliminates the very expensive, very time-consuming traditional approach of developing custom voice applications.

As examples of where this technology can be applied: a mobile worker can use a wireless phone to access critical e-mails out of their home office; employees throughout a company can use a dial-in service to access critical health care plan information; a mobile workforce can find the latest spot prices before they enter into customer contracts.

We're working with companies today to enable all of those types of applications.

MURIEL SIEBERT: Could this be used as a-- for a CRM system, a customer management system?

LOSERT: Absolutely. The only requirements of our technology to work, are: there's got to be a Web-based access to that information, and a desire to take that information and make it available, using any phone, worldwide.

SIEBERT: All right. Would it have security on it? Would it have total security?

LOSERT: Because we're-- our core technology is a browser, we're leveraging all the security conditions and security mechanisms that a company has used to provide the Web access to that information. So we're as secure as any other mechanism, using the Internet protocols to access that information.

SCHAFFLER: What is the growth potential for this?

LOSERT: We believe it's huge. There are a number of different applications. There's a lot of activities right now in the consumer voice portal space. There's a lot of corporate applications where it's critical that employees and customers get access to this information, wherever they are. Because of that, and because of the flexibility of our application, traditional approaches to doing this --like providing live operator assistance to the customer -- can be avoided, and the more routine tasks can be automatically handled by our voice browser solution.

SIEBERT: Do you have any applications on Wall Street or at the banks?

LOSERT: We don't have any applications today with Wall Street or the banks. Financial services is an area that we're interested in. Our focus up to now has been developing applications and using our capabilities in telecommunications. Telecom Italia (URL: is an example of a customer right now who's deploying a whole range of consumer and business-focused services, leveraging the Internet, the Web to provide the voice content.

We're working with a utility right now to develop a voice-enabled energy contract price access system. We're working with healthcare providers to provide voice-based access to critical healthcare plan information, doctors covered by the plan, et cetera. So, a number of applications throughout a number of different vertical segments.

SCHAFFLER: Kurt Losert, CEO of VocalPoint, thanks for joining us; appreciate it.

LOSERT: Thank you, Rhonda.



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