This is the stage where the design team actually develops all the components of the site that are required to accomplish the strategic issues we've jointly identified. Intangible ideas become pragmatic realities. Here's how:

  • Gather existing content and create new material / copy
  • Produce graphics and visual effects
  • Develop user interface templates
  • Develop individual Web pages
  • Integrate modules and applications
  • Integrate user interface and back-end applications
  • Assemble and perfect the first draft version of the site
  • Content revisions
  • User interface revisions
  • Usability testing and modification
  • System performance testing and optimization
  • Present final draft to client for approval / revision

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Mariani Packing Company
Premium Dried Fruits
Seasons Harvest
Gourmet Foods
Volunteer For Good
Nonprofit Organization
San Francisco County Fair 2005
Harvest From The Sea
West Coast SignWorks
Quality signage
Frances Binnington Gilding
Artist & Teacher
The Elegant Stitch
Heirloom Wedding Accessories
Creative Services / Advertising
VocalPoint Technologies
Voice Recognition Technology
Oakmont Visual Aids Workshop
Teaching Aids For Blind Children
Yesterday's Summer
Antique Photos - Roughing it in 1912
Bret Bortner Design
Designer of Upscale Pottery

The step-by-step procedure we use to plan and develop a Web site

The software we use to design and produce Web site




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