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About Us


by Christine Brenneman

(as featured in Here comes the Guide Weddings Northern California edition)

In a time when most everything around us is mass-produced, it’s a rare and wondrous thing to encounter a one-of-a-kind item, crafted lovingly by the human hand. Designer Shannon Presson of the Elegant Bag appreciates this sentiment, and for the last two years has poured her own sparkling humanity into a line of handbags, custom-designed for brides and special occasions.

Working with specialty fabrics and a studio full of beads, Shannon stitches each of her signature drawstring-style purses herself. She might use chiffon, satin, embroidery, beading or other embellishments, but the final product reflects the individuality of her clients. Shannon questions every one of them about her dress and the colors for the event, but she also delves much deeper, asking: Who is this woman? What’s important to her? What is her sense of style? The responses are what set one patron apart from the next, and for Shannon, it’s those personal details that facilitate the creative process.....

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