Julie Smith
In the course of her career Julie has launched and operated three successful design related businesses and has most recently gravitated to the multimedia arena where she discovered the computer to be a compelling outlet for her creativity. She has worked as a graphic designer and Web site developer for Luong Tam Design, a respected, award winning multimedia firm in San Rafael, California, was a judge in the New Media "Invision Awards" and is an active member of the North Bay Multimedia Association. Her CD-ROM, "Yesterday’s Summer" won an award in the NBMA's "Best of the North Bay" contest.

Brent Smith
Brent spent his corporate career at Foote Cone & Belding Advertising, served in three of their four U.S. offices and rose to a Sr. VP. In 1981 he co-founded a mid-sized business consulting firm serving Fortune 400 companies. As CEO of Polaris Marketing, he has been involved in marketing / branding / communication and business strategy for Ralston Purina, Miller Brewing, Heublein Wines, Clorox, Allergan, etc. A strategic thinker, he understands the key to any successful business venture centers on clearly defined goals and disciplined strategy.

Working together, the two principals complement each other's talents of creativity and strategic thinking to design and produce tightly focused Web sites that tell a story, sell a product or service, solve a problem. They supplement their expertise with the specialized talents of a team of independent writers, illustrators and programmers recruited to meet the unique needs of each project.

Mariani Packing Company
Premium Dried Fruits
Seasons Harvest
Gourmet Foods
Volunteer For Good
Nonprofit Organization
San Francisco County Fair 2005
Harvest From The Sea
West Coast SignWorks
Quality signage
Frances Binnington Gilding
Artist & Teacher
The Elegant Stitch
Heirloom Wedding Accessories
Creative Services / Advertising
VocalPoint Technologies
Voice Recognition Technology
Oakmont Visual Aids Workshop
Teaching Aids For Blind Children
Yesterday's Summer
Antique Photos - Roughing it in 1912
Bret Bortner Design
Designer of Upscale Pottery

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